Aluminium Guitars made in the UK


We create guitars using Aluminium, milled in the U.K. from a solid billet using multi axis CNC technology to the highest standards. We do take some of our inspiration from the classic curves that guitarists have loved for over 65 years but our ambition has always been to build a guitar that was not just 'another guitar'.

We do sell complete instruments but we also make our aluminium guitar bodies & sometimes aluminium necks available to project builders too. We're currently improving the range of guitar bodies and updated them to be more ergonomically engineered with sculpted bodyline shaping and enhanced neck heels etc. The work to update the whole range continues.

The D1 single cut 'arch-top' was our first creation, closely followed by our 'T' style model DT. The 3rd model in the range is our model 'DJ' which takes it's inspiration from the hugely popular 'Offset' body shapes. The Drewman aluminium 25.5" scale necks [round & square heel] are currently not in stock but may be available again soon.

Guitar Bodies

Milled from a billet of aluminium they weigh just 1.80Kg (3lbs 15oz) for the D1 and 1.85Kg (4lbs 2oz) for the DT & DJ.

Guitar Necks

Milled from a billet of aluminium, weighing less than 4lbs our 25.5" scale necks; round or square heel. Currently unavailable.

Colours and Finishes

The aluminium bodies can be anodised, raw, blasted or CERAKOTE finished, the necks are all mirror polished.

For Players

Guitars with wooden / aluminium necks, milled archtops, classic historic shapes, quality hardware & finishes. Average price for a guitar with a wood neck is ~£1950 GBP.

For Builders

Request a colour, choose a body shape, grab yourself a neck; whatever you need to complete your next build. Bodies are £990 GBP, Aluminium necks are £750 GBP.

New Products

We've got plans here at Drewman; we've got new wood necks coming and bodies are being re-modelled to have sculpted belly cuts and refined ergonomic neck joints.

Instagram Gallery

Steve Hackett - Testimonial

Genesis / Guitar Legend /

"...this thing makes all the right noises, I like the way it looks, well done"

Steve also did a short video for us which you can watch on our YouTube channel here.

Niko Tsonev - Testimonial

Professional Guitarist with Moonparticle, Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree)

"Just arrived! I spent 15 minutes playing them with Andy from Drewman Guitars and the sustain is off the charts. Congrats on an incredible product.."

Niko has produced a great review video for Drewman which you can watch on our YouTube channel here.

Yngwie Malmsteen - Testimonial

Virtuoso guitarist

"The most important thing for me is the neck & this thing is a Beast! I gave it 200%, you can't break it, but you can break things with it!"

You can see the Yngwie guitar documentary here.

Toby James - Testimonial

Professional Guitarist

"Thanks a lot Andy, I hope I did it Justice! Really enjoyed playing it, sounded great in the room and hopefully that came across in the video."

Toby did a full demo video of our model DT for us which you can can watch on our YouTube channel here.

Ben Crowe - Testimonial

Founder / Owner; Crimson Guitars

"This is Geekery of the finest and utmost level." "Other than something that I've build myself this is the first premium guitar that I've ever owned"

Ben has been hugely supportive of our products, he made a fantastic unboxing video which you can see here.

Bill Kern - Testimonial

Guitarist - Erie, PA

"This guitar has quickly turned into my favorite sounding instrument that I own, it's got a great full bodied tone and the sustain is unbelievable. I've also never played a T type before, it is just so comfortable."

Jake McCarthy - Testimonial

Guitarist - Phoenix, AZ

"Very accommodating, answered all my questions in a timely manner, quick shipping and was one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. The quality, craftsmanship, fit, finish and included hardware (which is needed for this) was all included. Amazing!!!"

Mike Denallo - Testimonial

Guitarist - Broadview Heights, OH

"I’m really enjoying the Drewman [Aluminium] neck. It adds a LOT of extra frequency response that causes the amp to go into overdrive and it helps when playing with a buddy; different voicing. Everyone’s impressed by it."

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