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Our Guitars

Aluminium Guitars made in the UK

Drewman Guitars build guitars using aluminium, milled with 5 axis CNC technology from a solid block of aluminium to the highest standards. We use high quality hardware & pickups and take our inspiration from classic curves that guitarists have loved for over 60 years. Our ambition has always been to build a guitar that was not just 'another guitar'.

We sell complete instruments and we also make our aluminium guitar bodies available to project builders and Luthiers to complete their own builds. The guitar bodies are milled with either a radial burst or they are bead-blasted; both of these processes create a texture that is resistant to most finger marks and help the guitars retain their original look.

We anodise our bodies to further protect them, either with a clear coat finish or in a variety of available colours.

The D1 single cut 'arch-top' was our first creation, closely followed by our 'Tele' syled model DT. The 3rd model in the range will be our model 'DJ/D3' which will take it's inspiration from the Jaguar/Jazz Master body shape.


Steve Hackett - Drewman D1

The Guitar legend, 'prog rock' front-man and all round nice guy took some time out to test the Drewman Guitars D1. Steve tested every part of the D1; resonance, sustain, weight/balance, tone and every other aspect you can imagine, all put under scrutiny by this legend of the guitar world.

Toby James - Drewman DT

Ben Crowe from Crimson Guitars took a Drewman DT Telecaster body and completed this instrument with a custom raw Wenge neck with an Ebony fretboard. Toby James then did this demo for us in the now infamous 'Tone Henge' at their base in Dorset. Please check out Toby James on Facebook.

Sam Willmett - Drewman DT

Sam plays in the band 'The Bug Club' and works with YellowRock Amplifiers to demo their gear, he was kind enough to push our DT through their demonstration amp at the Bristol Guitar Show.

Sam Willmett - Drewman D1

Sam had a play of our Drewman D1 at the Bristol Guitar show, he works with YellowRock Amps and was kind enough to demo our guitars with their exhibition rig. Check out his band 'The Bug Club' for more of Sam.

Ken Dixon - Drewman DT

Ken Dixon is a friend and keen supporter of Drewman, organiser of the MoJo Guitar Shows in the UK and font of all knowledge (and he loves a B-Bender Telecaster too). Ken had a go on our DT at recent guitar show here in the UK.

Making Music News Interview

We were delighted to meet the team from 'Making Music News' 'News from the music and pro audio manufacturing industry' at the Guitar Show at Kempton Park. Visit their site and subscribe to their newsletter for more updates.

What are people saying....

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Steve HackettGenesis / Guitar Legend /

"...this thing makes all the right noises, I like the way it looks, well done"

Steve also did a short video for us which you can see here.

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Toby JamesProfessional Guitarist

"Thanks a lot Andy, I hope I did it Justice! Really enjoyed playing it, sounded great in the room and hopefully that came across in the video."

Toby did a full demo video of our model DT for us which you can see here.

user avatar

Ben CroweFounder / Owner; Crimson Guitars

"This is Geekery of the finest and utmost level." "Other than something that I've build myself this is the first premium guitar that I've ever owned"

Ben has been hugely supportive of our products, he made a fantastic unboxing video which you can see here.

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